No matter how big a success is, all exemplary accomplishment and achievements have in common a great deal of determination, hard work and commitment. Some of these traits and more which are consistently exhibited by individuals, groups and organisation in different spheres of life often go unnoticed and unrewarded.  Hence, the place of Award is to bring to the fore ones achievement, persuasive speech topics for kids persuasive speech topics for kids outstanding sacrifice or heroism in a specified field or job category; as is meant to find-bride comments bestow honour, celebrate and encourage individuals, group or organisation that has made significant achievement.

Conducting ceremonies to reward outstanding achievement is a great way to show the people that their work is appreciated and admired. It indeed strengthens and engender development.

In the light of the above, the need for a society to institute a system that will identify, celebrate and reward act of bravery by her citizenry cannot be over emphasized especially when such is given to persons who have made genuine impact in their spheres of contact through, creativity, innovation, selfless service and philanthropic efforts.

The Maiden Edition of Impact Nigeria Awards of 2014, was Powered by Global Centre for Humanitarian Service, Peace and Development (GLOHSPED– a registered non political, not for profit and non-governmental organization in partnership with Don Dollar Entertainment Limited a registered Entertainment company based in Abuja, Nigeria.

The 2015 Awards was powered by The Next Entrepreneurs, a skill Acquisition and Empowerment organisation with a head office in Abuja, Nigeria.

The Award is an annual event and subsequent Award event can be powered by any organization, individuals or companies that are willing and interested in sponsoring.

In doing so, this Award will always be presented in recognition of outstanding leadership, professionalism and significant accomplishment over a sustained period in a given field. Such achievement must be notable and have made an important contribution to the development of our society. The organisers are initiating this event in-line with our national economic agenda of creating a vibrant and resilience economy that is built on creativity and innovation and driven by local expertise and also going international to affect the world in a positive way.



The INA committee is constituted by seasoned professional men and women with proven integrity who have distinguished themselves in their chosen field and are knowledgeable in organising event of this magnitude. The committee members are expected to be thorough, fair and consistent in delivering their find-bride comments mandate in line with the guideline governing persuasive speech topics for kids persuasive speech topics for kids the award. The selection of committee members and supervision of the activities of the committee is at the discretion of the governing board of the organisers. The said board at any point shall also, determine the frequency (annually or occasionally) of the event in line with fund availability and as deemed fit.


The objectives of Impact Nigeria Awards are as follows:

  1. To acknowledge the vital contribution of individual, group and organization in a particular sector.
  2. To motivate and encourage act of professionalism, leadership, selfless service and philanthropic efforts geared towards the betterment of the society.
  3. To create avenue for a break from everyday work and allowing individual to reflect on achievement and see the bigger picture.
  4. To create a forum for celebration, interaction (meeting people) and experience sharing.

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