Tinder is getting ready to introduce a version that is lightweight of dating app called ‘Tinder Lite’

Tinder is getting ready to launch a form of its dating that is popular app at users in emerging areas. The software, which is called “Tinder Lite,” provides a smaller sized, more lightweight form of the current flagship application, the company states. Smaller application size is really a defining characteristic of most of today’s “Lite” apps, which are particularly centered on handling the unique needs of users in places where information use, bandwidth and storage space room is an issue.

Many tech that is major now provide “Lite” apps for the big and rapidly growing online individual base originating from these rising areas — and particularly India, at the time of belated.

As an example, Bing features a complete suite of lightweight “Go”-branded apps, like Bing Go, Gmail Go, Files Go, YouTube Go, Bing Maps Go and Bing Assistant Go. There’s also Facebook Lite, Instagram Lite, Messenger Lite, Twitter Lite, Uber Lite, Spotify Lite as well as TikTok Lite, to call an others that are few.

Tinder, apparently, believes it too has now reached the purpose of needing a Lite variation, offered the dating app’s traction and growth. 675

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