Who we are

Don Dollar Entertainment Ltd. started as small consortium of young business team players and gradually came to the spotlight of event business after the series of its interwoven comedy, beauty pageants and music concert events executed locally and internationally and Entrepreneurship promotions in Nigeria.

Don Dollar Entertainment Ltd. is highly measuring to international standards with a teaming play of strategic business performances and overtly thriving in a competing industry. Considering the value of professionalism, we bring in local content cultures and international content cultures to create a seamless balance of culture integration to produce a memorable final result for all class of clients.

An unwavering practice of our work culture consistently direct our minds to brilliantly execute any job. We present “Bundle Packages” to all clients for proper job distribution and seamless project result communication to client without even asking. Our “Bundle Packages” offer numerous advantages to all our clients and gives us a deep insight for each client’s taste and expectation.

Creative Team

Because of the high level competitiveness in virtually all businesses, the need for setting global standards in our services and sustaining a lead role for our client’s awareness to the public through all channels of communication is considered high priority.

So we believe in the injecting of creative young people and strong valuable partnerships with outstanding agencies which gives our clients a sense of fulfillment after every job executed.

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