Scientific monograph. The facts and exactly how do it is written by you?

Scientific monograph is a study work which contains a complete or study that is in-depth of issue or subject belonging to more than one writers. The monograph captures the medical concern, supplies the main systematic information culture, serves to emphasize the primary content and outcomes of medical, dissertation research.

Features of a scientific monograph

There are specific standard top features of a systematic monograph. They truly are:

  • amount - not less than 10 publishing documents;
  • existence of reviews of two physicians of sciences within the specialty that is corresponding
  • option of the suggestion of this scholastic council regarding the research organization or maybe more institution that is educational
  • blood supply of no less than 300 copies;
  • accessibility to worldwide standard,
  • complete conformity aided by the editorial demands for the monograph according to the state standards;
  • accessibility to a monograph into the funds of libraries. 675

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